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From idea to finished manuscipt

Welcome to my blog.  Four years ago I began researching an idea for a novel.  It started in the graveyard of a church in Devon where I spotted the mottled headstone of a woman named Cordelia.  She and her only child had perished in the 1880s. About this grave, there was an aura of sadness and of mystery.

Today the manuscript of my novel, “The Cook’s Temptation,” is with a highly respected literary agent. My blog will discuss ideas about how a writer moves from idea to finished manuscript.  It will also talk about literary bloomers, those of us who hope to publish our first books after the age of fifty. I promise to pique your interest with stories and events in the literary world that pertain to historical and period fiction, the Jewish novel and  events in publishing.

I invite you to take this journey with me, to recount your stories of manuscript development, the search for an agent or publisher and how writing absolutely changes your life.

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Literary late bloomers

Malcolm Gladwell‘s article in The New Yorker about literary late bloomers applies to more and more of us who are writing books as a second career.

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