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Orange Prize Ends

The prestigious British Orange Prize for the best novel written by a woman has announced its last winner.  Let’s hope another sponsor steps up to keep this wonderful prize going,  One of my favourite writers, Linda Grant, was awarded the prize for When I Lived in Modern Times and she tweets about how important the Orange was to her writing.

Although we often decry the focus on writing prizes, let’s consider how supportive they are to writers.  Fiction writers receive about $50,000. This year’s winner, Madeline Miller, won for her first novel, The Song of Achilles. Here’s the list of shorted listed writers from 1996 until 2010:


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The Ten Best Historical Novels Ever

It’s worth reading The Guardian’s recent list of the 10 best historical novels.   The best part:  the comments. Not surprising, War and Peace is number one.  You might be surprised what book is number two.

A special issue on British Jews has just been published by The New Statesman. Contributors include Linda Grant, Will Self, Naomi Alderman, Anthony Julius, Daniel Trilling, Bella Freud and Michael Rosen.

Much of my novel, “The Cook’s Temptation”, is about how Jews were treated in Victorian England. I wonder how much things have changed?

I’m also trying to imagine what an issue of The Walrus would look like if it published on Canadian Jews? Who would be included?

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